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apostolic indy, the God man
 the Jesus revelations-vision received 9-12-2010-no, said, hollie, bob dont fast, she, said, showed, eat, hollie pointed, up, Jesus came, world below shakes, countries exploded, hollie soars, spacefightuhm jet she said, thats hollie that reports books sales, stamps, today, hollie looked at God, for word, showed, eat, you sold over three hundred copies, of, stamped, hollie, its visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, and I stamp, said, hollie, thats, new world order, stagecoach coming out, with the pope and hu, pulled by angry black and red horses, hollie sells book on youtube, and facebook, thats facebook angel showing do, theres youtube angel, theres deformed, said, hollie, thats, white angelface with like red blotch where hair should be, one side of face had, theres brownish and greenish together, on other side, theres blue, green, and red, thats putin inside, its, new world order stagecoach, thats three ribs appearing, in his mouth, and, bobby, who could these be, said, hollie, theres cuba, written on one rib, theres, mexico, thats mexican president looking happy but dreading, theres nicaragua, thats president looking stout, submarines appear in all their waters, they shower, said, hollie, all had captain hollie, pointed, lighted finger, thats missiles leaving america striking them hollie said, exploded, hey i'll place it, said, hollie, nuclear fires, along, latin america, and, mexican borders, thats venezuela and brazil exploding, captain hollie surfacing, its akula again, thats what you want said hollie, submarine with captain hollie surfaces, fires rockets, america exploded, thats angel looking toward russia, exploded, and missiles left russia, showering nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, burned, thats smoke rising as france and britain burns, thats nuclear fire in australia, and italy exploding, moon sees, smoke, gets happy, and smoke rises, Jesus appears, its, the, sixth seal, said, hollie, thats many ministering spirits, saying, boo, what does, website, say, said, hollie, I dont, know, he, wont let me, said, another, hollie, we knew, said, ministry of dreams, angel, look, said, hollie, showed, picture, its pope, I am gog, he said, angel showed, record, look, said, hollie, showed, picture, its pope, i'm the vision, said, its pope, hollie, said, hollie, screamed, hollie screamed, look said, hollie, showed, eat, there wantin your radio show to not go all over, the world, him said partial face hollie, said, thats hollie in the fire, in the grill, its ford truck, said, she hollie, lets motor, she drove, hollie with Jesus inside looks happy, thats hollie like uh ship mate showing, war, that, was, heidi's mom, said, hollie, saying, heidi, hollie clapped, it, let me show, she, said, clapped, lighted hands, body dimly faded in, night vision, I dont want that website, said, the white hollie, o said, partial face hollie showed, the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, bob when gonna eat, said, she hollie, he hollie showed, thats hand with like little dot head faceless hollie in like dome in, showing, you did not want hollie showed, then face appeared, tada, said, dot head hollie, showed, pope picture with brown hair, then showed, whole new world order, theres the hu hintao, lula man, he isnt wanting, theres, mexico and, nicaraguan presidents, they like castrol stout but dread, thats three ribs, appearing in putins mouth, pointed angel like hollie, its them, and, three captain hollies appear in submarines in their waters, they shower said hollie, look, pointed finger, hollie, somewhat faded in, thats gulf coasts states exploding, missiles leaving them, striking, them three countries burned, stop, said, hollie, showed, lay down, that is, end time prophetic ministry, website, tap dancing, like him angel man, theres deformed, said, hollie, o she said, put hand over mouth, looked at bob, shook, yes, let me she said, angel had like, theres, blotch, hollie, said, brown coming from thinning hair, all around, brown on side of face, and blue and grayish on other, but color kept changing, thats angel again, hollie showed, record, thats her getting in dumpster getting out food for animals, she said, dont, hollie, said, hollie showed, turn, body hidden, dimly faded in, ,

Books that moved me

the prophetic book you have been waiting for has finally been written: visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, n.w.o., reign of the antichrist.   Most hidden biblical mysteries shown to bob hickman in visions and dreams, in book.

People I look up to

I love to visit churches, and meet with people, I mainly go to, apostolic churches, pentecostal churchs, and, seven day adventist church, in indianapolis, and more, and I would have to say the two biggest examples of a christian I know about, is, dumitru duduman, and, john lake.  , ,
tp:// ,

Interesting facts about me

I was at home and 32 years old and after about 7 years of on and off again Holy Ghost seeking, Jesus came inside me like a body my perfect size

the revelations of the Holy Ghost

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  1. holy Ghost enters bob hickman like body perfect size and shows visions

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    3-23-2012-hollie excercised, its her, jowl line, hollie said, it worked, hollie said, theres it fixed, but bobby, it took time, hollie moved her facial muscles, you see, hollie said, see that, it worked, just move them, they, will, stay strong, what if they aint eatin, hollie said, its people looting, but hey, theres Gods hammo, she yelled, hes tall, angelic, thin man, round head of light, thats hollie with barack obama, hollie shows, fight, light colored blue dress, skirt on, its got like wavy,...
  2. the prophecies of robert hickman

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    8-29-2011-hollie showed her light watch, and stamped, but, different way, hollie showed, its woman reading bobs offer, she wants it, but thats her looking at its website, people, love idea and many come, thats church mostly full, her speaking, bobby shes christian hollie showed, she takes you up on but just wait, God is dealing with her now, hollie said, showed, bobby go to church, hollie had hat on, showed, eat, white teeth, hollie said, thats catches, came out, showed, its bobby go easy, tell...