8-29-2011-hollie showed her light watch, and stamped, but, different way, hollie showed, its woman reading bobs offer, she wants it, but thats her looking at its website, people, love idea and many come, thats church mostly full, her speaking, bobby shes christian hollie showed, she takes you up on but just wait, God is dealing with her now, hollie said, showed, bobby go to church, hollie had hat on, showed, eat, white teeth, hollie said, thats catches, came out, showed, its bobby go easy, tell her, hollie showed, slow down, if you come up with a way to promote church service on this board, and, tell her you wont cause you dont need to but they know her, tell her you will give her half of what comes in, thats hollie raking in money and paying her, she does but it flops hollie said, many do come but thats them not spending much, hollie showed, eat, hollie showed, turn, hollie didnt want bob to record, golden hat on, bob thats, its, Gods hammer, and, radio stations make you popular, but, hollie showed, its Father, like white angelface, hat on, theres twitter, ministryofdreams like he hollie angel with curly hair but hollie came out, face not formed quite yet, that he said, its new world order carriage, hollie wears news glasses, pope like angel, bear looking out window, hes man, its, i'm uh bear, hollie said, he hollie claps, but only partial but same he hollie tickles her feet, but it was her, dress on, its short dress, pope in the fire, drink, happy, hollie came out, showed, its hot fire, she put gas in, its, aint caregiver said, pointy blue hat on, its, him, opening, closing mouth, boy, hollie said, showed, turn, hollie showed, turn, this is decision, hollie said, my hair, hollie said, God said, http://theprophetic.angelfire.com/copy_of_index.html  , http://www.prophecy.exactpages.com ,