3-23-2012-hollie excercised, its her, jowl line, hollie said, it worked, hollie said, theres it fixed, but bobby, it took time, hollie moved her facial muscles, you see, hollie said, see that, it worked, just move them, they, will, stay strong, what if they aint eatin, hollie said, its people looting, but hey, theres Gods hammo, she yelled, hes tall, angelic, thin man, round head of light, thats hollie with barack obama, hollie shows, fight, light colored blue dress, skirt on, its got like wavy, and, darker blue in, barack announces, its under economic collapse here, but hey, hollie said, that, he, him she said, did appear, when ya gonna eat something, hollie said, she did mouth exercise, had, its flexer thing ciser on internet, bob it works, buy, one, hollie said, hollie did, its kneck excercise, had hand on kneck, its, Jesus, appeared, its, hollie said, she lifted head up, turn, hollie said, but he hollie appeared, showed, hands in air, bobby, its your not drivin yet, hollie and God said, Jesus like uh cat showed go home, hollie said, she laid down, hat on, its red, happy, shes white face, Jesus like golden cat showed turn, hollie and its another, said, shes like not lit up but did, tee shirt on, its design hollie said, coming out, pointing, stripe around, but hey theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, singing like angelic new hollie being man but just head, beak like face, hollie showed, lay down, frosty white light face but pores, hollie showed, turn, go there, hollie said, it was him, a he and she hollie, look hollie said, she walked in licence branch, and got plate, plad coat back on, nice long brown hair, she said, quit, hollie said, jumpy hollie leaps, then showed, do something, looks to side, white leggs, white dress on but had belt around, colors changing, another hollie came out, showed, have your way, its angel, hollie said, she jogged at church, but leggs were like green,